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OBIEE 11g BI Publiseher Error: “Server not initialized. Please make sure the repository is ready”

“Server not initialized. Please make sure the repository is ready” 
When Accessing BI Publisher from OBIEE 11g After Upgrading Repository from 10g to 11g


You have installed OBIEE 11g and upgraded the repository from 10g to 11g. You log into OBIEE as Administrator and click on the Administration link and then the Manage BI Publisher link.  You get the error:

"Server not initialized. Please make sure the repository is ready"


You are missing the privileges Access to SOAP and Impersonate as System User from the  BIAdministrator and BISystem roles.
The BISystemUser communicates with the different components of the OBIEE and when BI Publisher is accessed from answers, it communicates with BI Publisher via SOAP.  The Access to SOAP privilege should be granted to the BISystem role.  Also the Impersonate as System User privilege should be granted to the BIAdministrator and BISystem roles.

Steps to Fix:

1. Log in to OBIEE 11g with Administrator credentials (superuser in 10g rpd which was upgraded to 11g).
Note: The reason you need to log into OBIEE 11g with Administrator credentials, is because the error is seen only with an upgraded 10g repository.  Also the superuser in OBIEE 11g (the user created at the time of 11g install, the default name of which is weblogic) will not have access to the Administration link with the upgraded repository.

2. Click on Administration > Manage Privileges.
3. Assign BISystem or BIConsumer roles the Access to SOAP privilege.
4. Assign Impersonate as System User to BIAdministrator or BISystem role.


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