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OBIEE Integration with Siebel

OBIEE Integration with Siebel
Scenario: “Siebel swse and obiee server are installed on same machine and Siebel server and gateway are installed on a different machine
For the steps as below:
The first thing that we need to do is define a Symbolic URL.
1- Go to Administration Integration > WI Symbolic URL List view

2- Click on Dropdown in list applet and select Host Administration

3- Create a new host record and enter the following detail

Virtual Name:         Siebel Analytics

4- Click on the dropdown in List Applet and Select Symbolic URL Administration

5- Create a new Symbolic URL Record and enter following details

Name:             SiebelAnalytics
Host Name: [Name you had given in first Step]
Fixup Name:         Default [It determines how you URL will appear in application
SSO Disposition:     IFrame

As we just want to see static site so will not provide any arguments.
Now our Symbolic URL is ready let us go to Siebel tools to do required configuration to display it in Siebel Analytics Screen.

6- Go to Business Component that you will base your applet upon. In this example I choose

7- Create a new calculated field and provide the following detail

Name:            SiebelAnalytics
Calculated:         True
Calculated Value:     "SiebelAnalytics" [Name of the Symbolic URL we just created and don't forget to put quotes around it]
Now we need to expose this on UI in an Applet.
You can create a new Applet based on Account BO and expose just one field in that applet or you can copy an existing Applet such as “SSO Analytics Administration Applet” that is already configured with Symbolic URL and modify it to contain our newly created Symbolic URL.
Check this example:
Query for “SSO Analytics Administration Applet” under Applet Object

Copy this Record and provide following detail

Name:                 SiebelAnalytics
Business Component:     Account
Title:                 Siebel Analytics

Now go to list column section of this field and provide following details for a lone record that is available
Name:             SiebelAnalytics
Field:                 SiebelAnalytics
Field Retrieval Type:     Symbolic URL
  • Don’t forget to expose this field in Applet Web Layout and make sure you expose it in base mode
  • Now create a view that will have our applet. Again here you can use Wizard to create a new view or just copy existing Analytics View.
  • The Web Template of the new view should be “Analytics View”.
Now Copy an existing view “SSO Analytics Administration View” and provide the following details

Name:             SiebelAnalytics
Business Object:     Account
Visibility Applet:     SiebelAnalytics

In View Web Template Item object give the following details

Name:             SiebelAnalytics
Applet:             SiebelAnalytics
Applet Mode:         Base

The final step is to create a Screen which will contain this view.
  • Add that screen to your Application.
  • Register the view in Application.
These are basic configuration steps.

Compile the View, BC, Application, Screen, Applet objects that you just created or modified .Hope this help

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